Water sports & beaches

Splashing around, paddling, being happy

Your carefree package

The clean bathing water is shining and glittering in the sun, children are beaming, laughing, frolicking and are having a water battle with their mom and dad…
At our beautiful lakeside with amazing sandy beaches, you and your entire family will experience fantastic camping holidays.

You also have countless opportunities to indulge in sports and leisure activities. Whether it is sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, paddling or rowing – we offer something for everybody.

Canoeing and paddling enthusiasts can choose from picturesque tours to Plön, Malente, Eutin, or along the Schwentine River to Kiel.

If you do not own the appropriate equipment, you can rent a rowing boat or a canoe at the local boat rental. Sailing boats and surf boards are available at the rental stores in Plön and Eutin.

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