Lake Vierer: a paradise for fishermen

Peaceful coves and steep shore areas

Kinder am See

Good catch (“Petri Heil”): Who will catch the biggest fish? Lake Vierer is the ideal territory for fishermen. The former spawning lake of the Holstein Lake Area is characterised by a high fish stock. Peaceful coves and steep shore areas increase the chances of an impressive catch. Pikes, perches, carps, breams, roaches, eels, vendace and tenches can be caught in the lake.  

Enjoy the wonderful tranquility at the lake while you cast your line and wait for the next bite. Fishing permits are available at our reception desk upon presentation of an all-year fishing license or a holiday fishing license. The fishing permits are issued by us on behalf of the fisheries supervisor.

1 day – EUR 6.00
1 week – EUR 30.00
2 weeks – EUR 45.00
3 weeks – EUR 60.00
1 month – EUR 75.00
1 season – EUR 100.00

By the way, please do not catch the crayfish; they bear witness to the great water quality!

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